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Irish Sentence Structure & Verb Flashcards

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Today we are discussing VERBS

Verbs are the foundation of the Irish language. If there is one single thing you could do to improve your Irish quicker, it is gain a better understanding and grasp of the verbs in each of the tenses.

In this lesson we will go over the basics of Irish sentence structure and provide interactive flashcard resources you can use to help you learn your first 20 verbs in the past, present and future.

Irish Sentence Structure

But why are we starting with verbs?

Irish is what is known as a VSO Language. Put simply, the
verb comes first.

Verb – Subject – Object

Keeping in mind that most sentences in Irish begin with a verb, it would be reasonable to begin your Irish learning by learning the verbs!

Irish sentence structure

English Sentence Structure

 In contrast English is an “SVO” (subject-verb-object)

Here we can see that the subject comes before the verb.

Irish sentence structure

As Gaeilge, there are TWO TYPES of verbs

That’s great! But why do I care? 

You care because knowing this makes it easier to learn. When changing a verb stem into another tense, the regular verbs follow rules but the irregular verbs do not follow rules.

Verb stem = The verb by itself not in any tense for example “to see”, “to eat” & “to dance”.

Regular Verbs

The Regular Verbs follow the rules of the language when they change from tense to tense.

Irregular Verbs

The Irregular Verbs DO NOT FOLLOW the same rules, these verbs have to be learnt in every tense.

There are 11 of these verbs.


We will cover the rules for the Regular Verbs & the Irregular Verbs in another lesson in-depth.

But before we start learning rules & exceptions etc., let’s ease ourselves into Irish by learning 20 verb stems and their conjugations in the past, present and future. 

There is a mix of regular & irregular verbs in these cards. 

Verb Flashcards: VERB STEMS

The verb stem is the verb before it is put into any tense, in English for example:

  • to see
  • to do
  • to think

Verb Flashcards: PAST TENSE

Verb Flashcards: PRESENT TENSE

Verb Flashcards: FUTURE TENSE

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