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Gaeilgeoir Guides

Hibernia Irish - 5 Week Live Course

This course is specifically for students preparing for the Irish entrance interview to Hibernia College for the Professional Masters in Education (Primary). This five week course is taught by Éamon Ó Corcráin a qualified Irish teacher who specialises in PME preparation. 

What will I receive?

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Hibernia Irish Oral

Each week, we teach a topic that is commonly asked in the Hibernia Irish Interview. Using the course notes provided, Éamon will cover key vocabulary, phrases and grammar nuances relevant to the exam in this first hour. The last half an hour of each class will be allocated for interactive language activities/exam-like scenarios in small breakout rooms. 


A full grammar booklet along with in-depth notes for the Hibernia Irish oral will be delivered to each candidates door. These notes contain a huge amount of vocabulary, sample answers and techniques needed for the exam.

Students who enroll will also receive access to our dedicated Whatsapp for Hibernia applicants. Here you can ask for translation help, grammar questions or anything related to Irish and the exam. This group is monitored by a qualified Irish teacher so you can be sure everything is answered correctly.

Éamon Ó Corcráin is a qualified Irish teacher based in Limerick. Éamon specializes in the provision of educational materials for PMEP applicants and has a strong track record with past applicants.

Éamon is popular amongst PMEP applicants due to his ability to focus on exam competencies and teach grammar concepts through the course content. With a clear and concise understanding of the most commonly asked questions, Éamon is meticulous about ensuring his students are prepared for their oral exam.

Applicants who wish to gain entry into the Professional Master of Education in Primary Education must sit a competitive interview. This 30 minute interview includes a general interview which assesses students’ suitability to teach and their knowledge of teaching alongside a 10-12 minute Gaeilge interview which assesses their ability in Gaeilge. In the Gaeilge interview, applicants are assessed on communication skills, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and accuracy. As a core subject of the primary school curriculum, a good command of Gaeilge is necessary to undertake this programme of study.

Students should remember that Gaeilge is a core subject of the primary curriculum and that a good command of the language is necessary in the teaching profession. Therefore, candidates should demonstrate a level of Gaeilge whereby they could teach the language effectively in the classroom, or a sufficient standard whereby they could reach that level easily over the course of the PMEP.

Candidates should be able to engage in a continuous and fluid conversation with the examiners and discuss a range of topics clearly. They should demonstrate a high standard of accuracy, fluency, comprehension and pronunciation.

Candidates are also reminded that the PMEP is a level 9 programme and they will be expected to study the language at that level.

Student Feedback

We value the opinions of our students. Our primary aim is to ensure the highest possible pass rates among our students. Please have a look below at what some of our past students have had to say. 

In 2021, over 200 students sat one of our TEG B1 courses.

I found this TEG course very helpful and informative. The notes covered every aspect and all the content was laid out in a way I could understand. Really removed a lot of my worries. Éamon explained the grammar concepts in a clear and understandable manner. Thanks again!

Olivia McKenna TEG B1 Course, February 2022

Cannot recommend Gaeilgeoir Guides enough. I had done another TEG course from a different company and I honestly learnt more in one night on this course than all three with them. I love the idea of having a teacher in every breakout room to help you when doing activities. The notes were super in-depth and having them delivered to the house is a real advantage. Highly recommend!

Hayley Neenan TEG B1 Course, February 2022

Further Questions?

If you have any questions about the course or would like to learn more about our methodologies please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.
Eamon Corcoran
Hibernia Irish - 5 Week Live Course