Gaeilgeoir Guides
Gaeilgeoir Guides

Congratulations on being invited to join our Affiliate Program​

Earn €100 per person that purchases a place on our Leaving Certificate Irish Course for Primary Teaching. 

We will be including weekly Irish Grinds along with revision courses for Leaving & Junior Certificate Students in the future in this Affiliate program.

How our Affiliate Programme works

Create your personal link

Create our own custom link by registering as an Affiliate.

Promote your link & our course

Drive traffic through your link. If someone enrolls in the course your will receive a percentage of he sale.
With Cookie tracking, if someone returns to our website & makes a purchase within 65 days you will still receive payment.

Get paid through PayPal

We pay out once a month through PayPal. There is no limit on your payouts. As the year progresses we have different courses and classes, all of which you can earn revenue from in return for promotion.

Payout Rates

TEG B1 – 4 Week Revision Course – Payout = €30 per sign up

TEG B1 – 1 Day Revision Course – Payout = €30  per sign up

Irish for Primary Teaching – Payout = €100 per sign up

Hibernia Irish – 5 Week Course = €30  per sign up *Currently 26% of sale price, we will revert back to €30 payout after 24th August

Hibernia Irish – 1 Day Revision Course = €30 per sign up

Irish Oral Revision Course – Payout = €15  per sign up

Irish Essay Revision Course = Payout = €15  per sign up